On Walking the Talk

Since we just posted about security this week, a post on another forum caught my eye yesterday.  It was a discussion about theft and what to do about it.  To make a long story short, one poster suggested a video security system.  He was absolutely right in his opinion that the presence of video cameras in the store would probably deter most thieves.  If you are robbed, the video evidence can be invaluable in catching and prosecuting the offender.

Everything sounds good so far, then the writer pointed out that Sam’s Club has good prices on security equipment. 

Wait a minute!  As an independent retailer, aren’t Sam’s Clubs, Costcos, and the various "Marts" and  "Depots" the enemy?  Don’t they take sales away from you every day?  Aren’t there independent retailers in your area who sell security equipment and face the same challenges that you do?  Don’t you spend a good part of your working live trying to convince customers that  the best value is found in the independent merchant’s store?

How can you expect your fellow local retailer to shop with you when you’re taking your business to the chains?   The phrase "walk the talk" is getting to be a cliche, but in this case it’s definitely appropriate.  What do you suppose your customer is going to think, after you’ve convinced her to buy from you because of your superior service and competitive price, when she sees you coming out of Sam’s with a cart full of electronic equipment?  You may have even suggested that shopping with you keeps the money in the local economy. I think you can guess what she’s going to think.

To avoid embarrassment and the possible loss of future business, practice what you preach.  If you want the local community to support you, you must support the local community.  Besides, you get the best value and service from the local merchant.

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