Episode 3

Welcome to Mining the Store, the podcast for small business owners who want to mine more gold from their businesses.  This is Episode 3.

There’s no “I” in podcast, so your comments are very important.  You can leave a comment here on the show notes page.  Or, you can email your comment to mike@miningthestore.com.  If you’d like to leave an audio comment, you can attach an mp3 file to your email.

Skype users can leave an audio comment at mike.buckley3.

Our music is called “Shenandoah” and it’s by Larry Allen Brown from the Garage Band web site, find it here.

Mining the Store is a member of the blubrry podcast network, http://www.blubrry.com.

According to my wife, I should lighten up, so welcome to Mining the Store Lite–half the fat and calories of our regular podcast with all the flavor.

Looking for great free software?  Here are two “best of” links.  PC Magazine’s “Best Free Software” and CNET’s “Webware 100“.

Results of our field trip to Branson, MO, the “live entertainment capital of the United States.”

Could your keyboard be 500 times dirtier than your toilet seat?  The BBC says yes.

MTS finally gets into Twitter.  It’s a lot more than we thought it was.

Check out what I do at my day job at the Mine Your Own Business blog.

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