Episode 1

Welcome to Mining the Store, the podcast for small business owners who want to mine more gold from their businesses.  This is Episode 1, our first official program.

There’s no “I” in podcast, so your comments are very important.  You can leave a comment here on the show notes page.  Or, you can email your comment to mike@miningthestore.com.  If you’d like to leave an audio comment, you can attach an mp3 file to your email.

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Our music is called “Shenandoah” and it’s by Larry Allen Brown from the Garage Band web site, http://www.garageband.com/song?%7Cpe1%7CS8LTM0LdsaSlZFO_ZGE.

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Show notes:

Backup and Save–Don’t do as I say, do as I do. Save your work regularly and whatever you do, backup your files and store the backup media away in a location away from your computer. Mine Your Own Business is the Tacony Corporation blog.

Here’s something free from your favorite uncle, Uncle Sam. Good consumer advice available by mail or download.

Keith Burtis’ Magic Woodworks
Keith used the power of social media to sell out of his hand turned wooden bowls and earn enough money to pay off his fiancee’s engagement ring, just in time to pop the question at Podcamp Toronto.

Joseph Jaffee is a social media guru, and author of Join the Conversation.

Kappy’s Department Store–My first job (at age 14) introduced me to the best retailer I’ve ever known. And he didn’t even own a computer. Social media tools are just that—tools. Don’t let the tool get in the way of the conversation.

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Mining the Store-Episode 1