Consumer Confidence

The folks at Gallup have released the results of their most recent poll on American’s confidence in institutions.  The results show that our confidence in just about everything is down from last year’s poll.  But, once again, small business is second only to the military in the level of confidence. 

69% of poll respondents answered that they have either "A great deal" or "quite a lot" of confidence in the military.  The percentage for small business was 59%, the police came in at 54%.  These were the only three institutions that received better than 50%. 

Going down the list, organized religion received 46% favorable responses, banks 41%, the US Supreme Court just barely beat 1/3 at 34%.  One in three Americans are confident in public schools.  Here’s what the entire list looks like.


Notice that Big Business got only an 18% score.  In other words, more than eight out of ten Americans don’t have confidence in big business but nearly six in ten have confidence in small business.

So, while it may appear that the big boxes have a competitive advantage, the consumer’s confidence in small business is a HUGE advantage; one that you should capitalize on at every opportunity.  And, whatever you do, don’t lose it.

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