It’s Not Just for Video Games, Dad

According to, a recent Microsoft survey of family-owned business owners found that six in ten of them have had disagreements with younger family members over technology.  The results show that older business owners are less interested than their children in the latest and greatest technology, unless it has a direct effect on the bottom line.   As my kids would say, "Well, duh!"

The younger generation was also found to be more satisfied with technology purchases and are more interested in spending on wireless and mobile technology.  However, more than 75% of business owners in the survey agreed that technology is important, and almost half said it is important for growth.  One in three said their business relies on access to the Internet.Iphone

The big items?  PCs, laptops, and industry-specific software, like point-of-sale systems.  The odds seem to  indicate that  you probably won’t be in line Friday at 6:00 to buy the new , $600  iPhone.

The best news from this survey is that it was paid for by Bill Gates and not by your tax dollars.

Seriously, we live in a high-tech age, whether we like it or not.  It only makes sense to take advantage of the newest technology to help level the playing field with larger competition.  I had a dental appointment this morning and was amazed at the way the Doctor has automated his business since my last visit.  We’ve changed dental insurance carriers since my last visit, but the receptionist already had my new insurance information.  I asked her how it got updated and she explained that when one patient of a particular employer updates their information, the system updates every patient who works for that same company. 

Even the X-rays are digitized. They go directly from the X-ray machine to the computer screen,  just like your digital vacation pictures.  Then the screen displays a map of the inside of the patient’s mouth and the dental assistant clicks on a single tooth and enters the treatment needed from a drop-down list.  Then the computer prints out a treatment schedule, how many visits are needed, and even how much it will cost.  Imagine how much time a system like that must save the dentist, giving him time to see more patients and make more money.  Plus, who can argue with the charges when they come right from the computer?

There are a number of retail systems available today that can be just as effective for your business.  They save time, give you more accurate records, and let you do things your grandfather, or even your father, never dreamed of. 

Besides, without a computer, you couldn’t read Mine Your Own Business. 

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