More on Closing the Sale

In a recent post, we discussed the problem of "sales people" not closing the sale.  Last night, I had an interesting experience that points out how costly this can be.  My son (the one who graduated from college last week) is looking for a new truck.  His old one has seen better days and it’s definitely time.  He’s done his homework and knows exactly what he wants.  So, he and I went to visit the dealer.

A young man approached us.  He was very personable and seemed to know what he was talking about when it came to the vehicle.  The dealer didn’t have the exact model that my son’s looking for in stock, so he checked the computer.  They’re expecting one in about a week. 

He explained that if that one wasn’t suitable, there were more on the way or that he could arrange a trade with another dealer.  So far, so good.  Then, he let us walk out the door without even asking my son’s name!  He had the perfect opening.  "Let me call you when the truck comes in."  How easy would that have been?  But, no.  We left and he has no idea who we are.

I think we were very clear.  He wants a new truck.  He’s ready to buy.  He knows the brand and the model that he wants and how much he wants to pay.  Everything was there to make a sale.  But he blew it!  Patrick’s on his way back to Columbia, MO where he’ll spend the summer.  There’s a big dealer for this particular brand not far from where he lives.  It really doesn’t matter if he buys something there, or here.  With a little effort, the salesman could have locked up the sale.

Two more things.  One, it was raining last night.  Did he really think we’d stand out in the rain looking at trucks if we weren’t in the market?  And two, I picked up a brochure on one of their cars and told him that I’m in the market, too.  He didn’t just lose one sale, he may have lost two.

Why is it that people are so afraid to ask for the sale?

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