Episode 9, Our First Remote

Episode 9 Our First Remote
Welcome to Mining the Store, the podcast for small business owners who want to mine more gold from their businesses.  This is Episode 9.There’s no “I” in podcast, so your comments are very important.  You can leave a comment here on the show notes page.  Or, you can email your comment to mike@miningthestore.com.  If you’d like to leave an audio comment, you can attach an mp3 file to your email.

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This time on Mining the Store

:50    Me whining about being hot.
1:25  Call for comments
1:48  Help a Reporter Out
You could be come famous or at least recognized for your expertise.
4:02  Would you fly an airline called Derrie-Air
People respond to creative advertising, even when the company’s made up.  Thanks to              Patrick  Byers at the Responsible Marketing blog.
6:00  Mark Cuban’s tax plan.  You’re going to like it.
7:34  Podcamp Ireland.  I’m going to camp.
9:25  Common Craft, computer stuff for dummies.
10:32 The Podcast Sisters
Krishna De
Anna Farmery
Heather Goringe