No Wonder We’re in a Recession!

An interesting thing happened to me today.  I had a flat tire on my bike.  Fortunately it went flat while I was having lunch with my wife, so we threw the bike in the back of her SUV and she dropped me off at a local bike shop.  While the mechanic fixed the flat I wandered around the store for about fifteen minutes looking at the bikes.  No one said a word to me!

These guys sell bikes that run well into four figures, some almost five.  They had my bike.  I couldn’t leave.  They could see that I could use a new ride.  In fact, they sold me the one I have now.

For the life of me, I can’t understand a specialty retailer that doesn’t try to show you something, especially when they see you kicking the tires like I was.  No wonder we’re in a recession.

C’mon people! At a time like this you can’t let any potential sale get away.  At least do a quick demo with every warm body that comes into your store.  No one should ever leave without at least a brochure.  That’s just common sense.  But I guess common sense isn’t really that common.