Episode 13–Back from Ireland

Welcome to Mining the Store, the podcast for small business owners who want to mine more gold from their businesses. This is Episode 14.  This episode’s contents:

00:00  An audio clip from the hilarious movie classic, “Waking Ned Devine.”
01:00  Some thoughts from our trip to Ireland.
01:30  There are similarities between Irish and American culture and there are differences.  Has Ireland benefited from the exchange?
03:20  Two weeks on the Emerald Isle aren’t enough to see everything.
03:48  Podcamp Ireland.  Surprise, most of the people in my session were boomers.
05:30  Social media should be a tool that fits the task at hand.  Are we altering the task to fit the tool?
09:00  If you aren’t using Skype, you may be missing a real money-saving opportunity.
10:45  Changes are coming to Mining the Store
13:10  We need your comments to make MTS a real conversation.

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