REAL Economic Stimulus

My wife was born there.

St. Elizabeth Hospital

In the midst of the kerfufle concerning the government’s attempt at stimulating the economy, a local hospital has decided to take real action.  St. Elizabeth Hospital in Belleville, IL is giving it’s employees a $100,000 bonus.  There’s just one catch.  The money must be spent at one of the thirty-eight local businesses that line Belleville’s central business district.

Rather than count on the geniuses in Washington, the hospital is taking immediate, effective, and concrete action.  The first half of the money will be distributed equally to all employees.  The second half will be given proportionally, based on length of service.

The hospital wins by having happier employees, a more prosperous community, and some very positive PR.  The employees win by having more money to spend.  The local merchants win by gaining extra business.  And the city wins by having an additional $100,000 circulating in the local community, generating additional tax revenue.

Ask yourself, what can you do within your local community to generate this kind of win/win/win economic stimulus?  Any ideas?   Let us know.