Episode 14

Episode 14-New Beginnings
Welcome to Mining the Store, the podcast for small business owners who want to mine more gold from their businesses. This is Episode 14.  This episode’s contents:
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00:00  “Carol of the Bells” by Doug Astrop from the Podsafe Music Network.
01:17  Changes coming to Mine Your Own Business.  Tacony Corporation and the Mine Your Own Business blog.
05:08  My rules for life planning:  Do what you enjoy.  Do what you’re good at.  Set up multiple streams of income so you’re never dependent on any one person or company.
07:34  Google Docs is a great application even if it is AWOL tonight.
09:18  Antitrust laws.  The feds are serious.  There’s a good ebook on the subject from the Federal Trade Commission.  There’s a link to the free book at Mine Your Own Business.
11:28  If you’re in business, you need to be on LinkedIn.
10:45  Changes are coming to Mining the Store
17:20  Mining the Store is a member of the Blubrry Podcast Network.
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