Tour of Missouri–Stupid Is as Stupid Does

tour breakaway
tour pelaton

I had planned to write today about the Tour of Missouri, the world-class bicycle race that began in Saint Louis yesterday and ends in Kansas City next Sunday. The 600 + mile race is developing into one of the top cycling events not just in the USA, but in the world. Several major riders passed on a race in Spain this week to participate here in the midwest.

I was going to write about persistance and determination and planning and how important they are in racing and in business. Sadly, something else happened that marred the day and made me rethink the direction of today’s post.

Downtown Saint Louis is really quite beautiful. The city has done an amazing job in beatifying the area in preparation for this year’s Major League Baseball All Star game. There is a new public park in the heart of the business district with flowers, sculptures, and pools. In the median of Market Street, downtown’s major east-west thoroughfare, they’ve planted beautiful flowers and shrubs.

plaza flowers 2

Alas, there’s the problem. To get a better view of the race a few dozen pinheads decided that it was alright to stand on the flowers. In spite of requests from the race announcers to respect the plantings and not risk the city’s support of the race in the future, these geniuses must have thought they meant some other flowers as they failed to move and were joined by others.


You would think that bicycle people would be more respectful of nature seeing as how we spend so much time outdoors.

It’s been said that no one ever went broke underestimating the American people. Sad, but true.

Note to visitors:  These people are not representative of the typical Missourian.  Most of us are pretty nice people.  If you’re within reasonable driving distance, the Tour is something that you should experience, either this year or next.