Where’s the Small Business Stimulus?

money_bagAs our  employees in Washington continue to discuss how they’re going to spend our money in the guise of an “economic stimulus package”, one wonders why they’ve chosen to ignore the one half of all Americans workers whose livings come from small business.

As Forbes points out in an article called “Great Small-Business Snub“, one of the biggest needs for independent business is the availability of credit.  Any incentives in the current version of the massive spending bill seem to favor big businesses, offering little or no help to their smaller counterparts.

A second article from The Wall Street Journal called “The Missing Obama Tax Cut” wonders what happened to the new President’s campaign promise to eliminate capital gains taxes on entrepreneurs.  Mr. Obama’s “Small Business Emergency Rescue Plan”, outlined on his campaign web site seems to have slipped his mind.  As the journal points out, the government’s loss of revenue from the elimination of this tax would be just a drop in a trillion dollar bucket, but would certainly encourage small business spending and job creation.

It makes you wonder if anyone in Washington has a clue about small business.  In a guest editorial last week in the “South Coast (Massachusetts) Herald News“, Senator John Kerry (He’s the head of the Senate Small Business Committee) uses convoluted logic to explain why the “Employee Freedom of Choice Act” would be such a boon to small business.

I don’t know about you, but it looks to me like you and I are going to have to work our own way out of the current economic downturn.  Counting on Uncle Sam’s help may be a false hope.