End of Summer?

This has nothing to do with small business, but sometimes you just have to go on a rant.  Sorry for getting so far off topic, but things will be back to normal next week.

Maybe it’s just me, but summer seems to be getting shorter every year.  I seem to remember that when I was a lad, back when dinosaurs roamed the earth, we got out of school right after Memorial Day and went back on the day after Labor Day.

Not being particularly fond of academia (I cried the day my mom first took me to kindergarten and it was all downhill from there.) I relished every day of those wonderful  months of June, July, and August.

Now I’m hearing that some schools are already back in session and many more start next week.  What’s the deal?  There are more than two weeks left in August and a full twenty-four days until Labor Day.

Who’s responsible for this outrage?  Is it the government?  Or is there some super-secret organization of parents who’ve somehow gotten to the school boards around the country and convinced them to take the little darlings back nearly a month ahead of time.

It would be different if our kids were getting smarter as a result of the longer school year, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.  If anything, we’re losing ground in the global competition to raise better-educated offspring.

Like I said, maybe it’s just me.  Maybe the total number of days of school per year hasn’t changed at all.  It’s just that I love summer and somehow when I see those big yellow buses running around, that seems to mark a change in the seasons, and not a change for the better.

At least in my mind, school means fall, fall means Halloween and then Thanksgiving and the next thing you know the snow is flying.  Yikes!  I still haven’t taken the snow scraper out of the trunk of my car and it’s almost time to start using it again.

Anyway, I apologize for going off on such a tangent, but sometimes you just have to vent.

Meanwhile, enjoy the nice summer while you can and have a great weekend!