Conflicker 3–April Fool’s Joke or Computer Armegeddon?

Two things we know for sure.  Conflicker 3, the latest computer “worm” has infected millions of computers and it’s going to do something this Wednesday, April 1.  Beyond that, opinions vary dramatically on what effect this thing might have on your computer.

Worst case is that the hackers who created this monster have evil plans to destroy worldwide computing as we know it.  You could wake up Wednesday morning to find that you have a blank hard drive, or that the World Wide Web has become a World Wide Mess.

Next worse case is that you might find all your passwords and confidential information compromised.  Your bank accounts may be cleaned out and your identity stolen.

Another possibility is that you computer will become a slave, doing whatever the master computer tells it, including sending out millions of spam emails.  Combined with millions of other computers doing the same thing, the Internet could be in chaos and/or total shutdown.

Or, you may just see a message saying “April Fool!”

Like I said, experts agree that the virus is real and that it’s waiting for “instructions” on April 1 but not on what those instructions might be.

According to many of the people who know about these things, the most likely scenario is that the people responsible for Conflicker plan on making money from it.  Aparently most hackers have graduated from cyber-vandals to cyber-crooks.  Rather than just cause trouble, they want to get rich.

As far as your own computers are concerned, the first and best thing you can do is run an anti-virus program.  Don’t wait.  Do it as soon as you finish reading this.  There’s no time to lose.  April 1 is literally just hours away.  If you don’t have anti-virus software, get it now and run it.  Anti-virus software is cheap insurance.  In fact, there are free programs available on the web including one from Microsoft called “Windows Defender“.

The next suggestion, and you’ve heard it here more than once, BACK UP YOUR IMPORTANT FILES! Do it at work and at home.  If Conflicker turns out to be a file-destroying virus, you’re information won’t be lost if you back it up.  Obviously you don’t want to back up your files on your hard drive.  Use an external drive, CD or DVD, or an online storage site like Amazon S-3.

If you use Windows, Microsoft has a fact sheet on the virus including a patch for your machine that they recommend that you install IMMEDIATELY!  They also advise that you enable your firewall (instructions here) and that you make sure you have “strong” passwordsx.

Last, but not least, if you’re a knowledgable computer-type person, Microsoft is offering a $250,000 reward for the criminals who have perpetrated this latest cyber-fraud.

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