I Can Do Without the Glamour Shot

OK, I understand that our elected employees never go out of campaign mode.   At the very moment that the newly-elected employee places his/her hand on the Bible the reelection campaign has begun.  I get that.  But how much is too much?  How much of their reelection process are we, the taxpayer/employers supposed to pay for.

Case in point.  I just received a notice that it’s time to renew my business name registration.  (Actually it doesn’t expire until next April, but I guess the state of Missouri needs my seven bucks to keep the doors open.)  Anyway, I wonder why the renewal notice has to feature a photo of our grinning Secretary of State on its cover?

The photo in question is similar to the one that graces the SOS home page, though it is different.  I guess one official photo, paid for by the taxpayers, isn’t enough.

You may be thinking, “Wait a minute!  Your smiling face has a prominent place on this page.  How’s that different?”  It’s different because this is a private site, paid for by yours truly.  No one is forcing you to visit or pay for the site.  It’s also different because I’m a relatively unknown quantity.  If you’re going to put any stock in my commentary, it may be helpful for you to know that I’m not just another pretty face.

If politicians want to promote themselves, let them set up a personal web site, at their own expense.

I hate to start the week with a curmudgeonly rant, but these little things that add up.  Like most of you, I’m getting increasing frustrated by the antics of our employees in Washington and in our state capitols. Turning an official state document into a campaign flyer hardly seems like the best way to spend our money.