5 Tips for Women to Become Leaders

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You may not be a member of the female persuasion, but chances are you know someone who is.  Here’s a link to an excellent article by Anita Bruzzese who writes regularly for Gannett.  She recently interviewed Joanna Barsh and Susie Cranston, authors of How Remarkable Women Lead.

This is something all managers should know.  Not only can men apply the tips, with some minor modifications, to their own careers, but then can be used to mentor female staff and help them reach their goals, which is a win-win for you as well.

Here’s the “Reader’s Digest” version of the 5 traits shared by successful female leaders:

  1. They believe their jobs have meaning.
  2. They confront life in a constructive way.
  3. They work at building connections.
  4. They put aside their own fears to make things happen.
  5. They find the source of their energy.

Check out Anita’s post and you might decide to buy the book for yourself, for your female staff, or for anyone in your life who is looking to build their career.  While you’re on Anita’s site, be sure to check out her other excellent posts.

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