Retailing-Some Good News

Under the title, Retail Industry Group Predicts Small Rise in Holiday Sales, Sandra M. Jones writes in the Chicago Tribune that The International Council of Shopping Centers is predicting a small rise in holiday sales over last year.

While the percentage is small, it’s still an increase and the fact that an industry group is offering a glimmer of hope for the fourth quarter is good news. In a world where the media is constantly offering self-fulfilling prophesies of gloom and doom we’ll take what we can get.

MTS certainly doesn’t have the resources to conduct an in-depth survey of consumer trends.  I can tell you that nobody I know has canceled Christmas this year. I’ve always found that those who are enthusiastic about the celebration of Christmas, Hanukkah, or any of the other year-end holidays will find a way.

I’m also hearing from my retailing friends that business may not be great, but it is good.  What the pundits fail to mention is that these surveys almost always lean heavily toward the big box stores.  Even 1,000 independent retailers whose sales are up can’t offset one big chain whose sales are down.  At the end of the day, all you really care about is a survey of one business—yours.

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