Ask for the Sale!

This post originally appered on January 14, 2009.

In yesterday’s post, I suggested that you find a reason for your customers and potential customers to find your business indispensible in this weak economy.  I hope you’re taking that advice seriously.

Here’s another suggestion:  Ask every customer for the sale.  Today at the Retail Contrarian blog, my friend Doug Fleener suggests six ways to conquer the “I’m only buying what’s on sale” mentality.  His sixth and final point is so simple that you wouldn’t think it necessary to repeat it, but I guess we all have to be reminded once-in-a-while to get back to the basics.  He says,

Give the customer an opportunity to make the purchase. It’s as simple as asking the customer to buy it. The more bad economic news there is, the less likely your competitors will ask for the sale. Do you?”

He’s absolutely right, when times are tough it’s easy to get discouraged and fall  into a mindset that the customer isn’t going to buy.  To succeed in this market, don’t let it happen.  You and your staff should ask every customer who walks into the store to buy something.  You’ll be surprised at the results.

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