Small Business Owners–I Need Your Help

A shameless request.

I’ve never done anything like this before, but I need your help.  Hopefully those of you who follow this blog on a regular basis find some value in it.  If it makes you think, or moves you to action, or occasionally makes you laugh, then I think I’ve done my job.

Over the years, from Mine Your Own Business and Mining the Store, we seem to have developed a pretty loyal, albeit small, following.  It’s that small part that’s the problem.

Although the blog is mainly a labor of love and generates no revenue, (notice, there are no ads) I would love to see it grow.  Frankly, at some point, given the current state of the economy, I would like to/might have to create some positive cash flow, either through consulting, speaking, or publishing a book.  To do that, I have to get the word out.

What I”m humbly asking of you is to mention MTS to your small business friends.  If you find a post to be especially relevant, share it with them.  If you have a blog or web site of your own, a link to MTS would be greatly appreciated.  Let me know and I’ll be glad to link back to you.

If you’re a social media user, a mention on facebook, LinkedIn, or Friendfeed would be wonderful!  And, if you’re a twitterer, a tweet would be great!  You’ll notice that I’ve added a “Share This Blog” button to the top right of the page to make it easy for you to share MTS.  Just click on the word “more,”  select the appropriate social media site, and you’re good to go.

That’s it.  I don’t ever expect to be an A-List blogger and don’t really care to be.  I’d just like this blog to be helpful to as many people as possible.

Thanks for your help!

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