Getting Response in a Down Economy

Dean Rieck, who writes the Direct Creative blog has put together a 38 page white paper called Getting Response in a Down Economy.  In Dean’s own words, the white paper “reveals what’s really happening in the marketplace, how your customers are reacting, and the 4 key principles you can use to boost your direct mail profits. Plus, get 32 pages packed with the powerful tips, strategies, and resources you need to cut costs and increase sales.”

In fact, Rieck does deliver what he promises.  He writes that the sky isn’t falling and that people are buying,

It’s just that they’re slower and more cautious, so it’s harder to sell them.  Harder, not impossible.  That’s an important distinction, because if you assume people don’t want to buy now, you will make less effort to sell them than you should and may end up supressing your own profits.”

As promised, he goes on to offer good advice and tips on doing business in the current economy.  GRIADE is an easy read and well worth your time.

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