Just a Reminder

I know you know this.  So do I.  But it never hurts to be reminded.

As I write this on my laptop, I’m in the process of trying to get my PC back from the virus that’s taken it over.  Microsoft’s Malicious Software Removal Tool has found 146 items so far and the scan is only 9% complete.  This nonsense will probably take up most of my day.

Three pieces of friendly advice:

1.  Regularly back up your information. Either use an external drive or on-line back up service. (I use Amazon S-9.) Both types of back up are incredibly inexpensive.  However, price should be no object when it comes to protecting your files, music, photos, etc.

2.  Get and use a good anti-virus program.  Again, they’re well worth the price.

3.   Never, never, never let anything download itself to your computer unless you know and trust the source.

I can hear what you’re thinking.  “Wait a minute, oh wise blogger!  Didn’t you write about this before?”  Yes, I did.  I’m good at dispensing advice but when it comes to taking it; not so much.

See, I’m here to serve as a bad example for the rest of you.  While you’re computing away on your  virus-free, backed-up computers, I’ll be here cleaning up the mess I’ve made.

For what it’s worth, I do have my data backed up on line.  So I did take half of my own advise.  Lately, I’ve taken to writing important documents using Google Docs, so they’re already stored elsewhere.  And I did have anti-virus software installed, but I missed the annual renewal.  But, trust me.  I will have it reinstated before lunch, at least on the computer that’s currently working.  The infected PC will have to get well first.

Is it “happy hour” yet?

Have a great, virus-free day!

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