Small Business–The 3/50 Project Is Taking Off

3_50 project smallI hate to repeat myself (I hate to repeat myself) but I wanted to update you on something I wrote about a few weeks back (Saving the Economy 3 Stores at a Time),  The 3/50 Project.  In case you missed it, the idea of the project is to support local business by choosing three locally-owned businesses that you can’t live without and spending $50 with them.  That’s $50 total, not $50 each.

It’s a win/win deal with virtually no cost to anyone.  The customer gets to help ensure that her favorite business will stay in business and all she has to do is spend money she was going to spend anyway.  She doesn’t have to spend anything extra–not one penny.

Local business wins by getting more business.  And the cost is virtually nothing.  All the materials for the project are available online at no cost.  The only expense is the paper and ink to print bag stuffers and window signs.  There are some promotional items that have a cost but they’re strictly optional.   The cost to enroll in the program?  Zero.

The local community also wins by having a strong merchant community.  The town is more vibrant and alive.  And, local merchants live and pay taxes there as well. (I guess that makes it a win/win/win.)

The good news is that this thing is really taking off.  Community organizations and local Chambers of Commerce are getting on board.  The member list is growing.  Lots of local news media are getting the story out.

As far as I can see, there’s absolutely no downside to the 3/50 project (unless you’re a big box store).  If you haven’t already, check it out.  You could be up and running literally in a matter of minutes.


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