Free Advertising for your Small Business

I just read over the weekend that AT&T is going to stop publishing the white pages telephone directory.  According to them, most Americans look up phone numbers on the web so the dead-tree directory is no longer needed.  They will continue to produce (and heavily advertise) the yellow pages because they’re a profit center.

In other words, “No one uses the phone book anymore, but we want you to continue to buy ads.”

google-mapsHere’s a way to improve your chances of getting on-line number seekers into your store.  You probably know about Google Maps.  In fact, your business probably has a listing.  But did you know that you can attach an add to your listing for free?  You can.  And your map listing will be flagged as a coupon-providing business, making you stand out from your competition.  It’s surprising how few businesses take advantage of this service.

If your business isn’t listed on Google maps, follow this link. To add the free coupon, go to the Google Local Business Center.

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  2. […] Small Business Search Using Google Local Posted on August 13, 2009 by mlbuckley I’ve posted here before on the subject of Google Local Search.  Rather than go into too much detail again, you can review Free Advertising for Your Small Business. […]

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