Welcome to the Real World

Ben McConnell

Ben McConnell

Ben McConnell and Jackie Huba write The Church of the Customer blog.  If the names sound familiar it’s because I have referenced the blog often in the past.  Ben and Jackie know their stuff and their blog is a good read.

The day-to-day problems of running a business can often seem overwhelming, especially in the current economy.  But yesterday, Ben jerked me back to reality with his post, Welcome to the Real World.  See, Ben just found out he has renal cell carcinoma, cancer of the kidney.

Any problems I might have fade into insignificance by comparison.  Our daily struggles may seem like life and death, but usually they’re not.   There’s nothing like a grapefruit-sized tumor to remind us of that.

Ben is optimistic.  As he points out, it’s good that God gave us a spare kidney in case one of them fails.  He writes, “The prognosis? So far, it’s good. My capable surgeon, Dr. David Phillips, himself a high-level tennis player, which made me like him immediately, will evict this tumor, this cancer, this hobbit, along with my entire kidney, on Friday.”

There are a couple of things we can learn here.  First, like a lot of us, Ben admits he avoids doctors and the medical system.  But after considerable pain he went to the emergency room.  Staying away from the doctor, especially when you know something is wrong, is never a good idea.

Second, while the business is important, nothing is more important than our health.  Keep things in their proper perspective!  A lost sale or a late shipment or a missed deadline is important, but keep it in its proper place.

Finally, social media is an amazing thing.  I don’t know Ben McConnell personally.  But, I’ve been reading him for years so I do feel a connection.  We’ve corresponded a few times, either through blog comments or other social media tools.  There’s enough of a link that I feel his pain, I’m concerned for his well-being, and I will include his recovery in my prayers.

Welcome to the Real World” is the title of Ben’s post.  Our “real world” is very different from our parents’.  People who once would have been strangers now touch us in very real ways.

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