Mother’s Day

Those of us in any kind of business tend to think in demographic terms.  We talk about various age/gender groups and how we can approach the right ones to sell more stuff.  Nothing wrong with that.  That’s what we do.

But today, I’d like to look at a particular demographic—Mothers.  This may be the one group that rarely, if ever, does things for their own benefit.  Dads buy things for more utilitarian purposes.  We buy tools and toys that either make us happy or more productive.

On the other hand, moms often buy things just because they make someone else happy.  They pass up the new dress in favor of a Barbie doll house.  They skip the trip to the beauty shop to pay for the dance lesson.  Moms are….well, they’re just moms.  Self-sacrifice is part of the job description.

And it’s a job they do willingfully, even gratefully from the time we’re conceived until the day they draw their last breath.  They’re the model for unselfishness.

Of course, we pay them back by giving them one day a year, a day called Mother’s Day, when we buy them a card and maybe take them out to dinner (or expect them to fix dinner for us).  Somehow it seems like we should do more.

But they don’t mind.  Their reward is to see their kids to grow up to be fine upstanding men and women.  The thing is, though, that whether you’re the Pope or a prisoner on death row, you mom loves you just the same.  In their eyes we can do no wrong.

So, for all you moms, have a Happy Mother’s Day.  Spend it with your kids (and grandkids) if you can.  But even if you can’t, know that we appreciate you and love you for all that you do for us.  I guess I’d better head for the Hallmark store.

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