It’s All About the Image

My wife and I belong to a local winery’s “club” which gives us a number of priveleges including an automatic quarterly shipment of wine and invitations to special events.  Over the weekend we attended a “release party” for their new line of upscale wines.

According to the owner, people were having a hard time justifying the spread of prices between the vintner’s low price and high priced product.  So, they’ve re-branded the more expensive wines with a more exclusive-sounding name and a new label.  While the original line is sold in grocery stores in the area, the new brand will only be available at the winery.

Guests at the party were the first to taste the new wines (remember, the only thing that’s changed is the label) and, of course, to be the first to purchase said wines.  It looked like everyone in attendance did leave with one or more bottles.

This is brilliant strategy!  A simple label change has added exclusivity to the winery’s high-end product which will allow them to charge a higher price.  Differentiating their winery-only items from the ones sold in supermarkets gives them a lot of flexibility in marketing through both channels.  The “release party” gave them a chance to stroke their best customers and to make sales that they wouldn’t have made otherwise.

Give this some thought.  What can you learn from this that you can apply to your own business?  Rebranding and event marketing are two excellent ways to keep your margins up, generate extra sales, and turn customers into advocates.

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