Watch Where You Put Your Paw!

There’s been a lot written recently on the web about an incident involving Domino’s Pizza.  It seems that two employees (now former employees) posted a video on YouTube of themselves doing nasty things to the foodl before serving it to customers.  The video was seen  by more than one million people before YouTube took it down.  Domino’s demanded that the video be removed because it violated their copyrights.  Even though the video has been removed from YouTube, it’s still out there and if you’re you interested, I’m sure you can find it.

Patrick Doyle, President of Domino’s has responded with an apology, also posted on YouTube.  I’ve linked to this video because I think we can all learn something from it.  Critics have complained that Doyle took too long to respond, but otherwise, it looks like the pizza chain has taken positive steps to limit the damage.

Here in Saint Louis, another food chain is facing a PR problem that hasn’t gotten the national attention that Domino’s has received, probably because there’s no YouTube video.  But as reported in the local newspaper,  a woman is suing Chuck E Cheese, claiming that she was groped by the mouse.  According to the suit, the chain’s mascot, a human-sized mouse, put his paw where he shouldn’t have.

Interestingly, the incident took place on August 8, 2008, nearly a year ago.  The suit is seeking punitive damages and court costs and claims that the plaintiff has suffered “emotional damage.”

I don’t mean to make light of sexual harrassment.  It’s a serious issue.  But both these incidents point out an unpleasant fact of 21st century life in the USA.  Your employees have the potential to do serious damage to your reputation. As long as they’re working for you, you’re responsible for their actions.  And with online sites like YouTube the damage can be far reaching.

Domino’s has promised to tighten up their hiring processes and to do more inspections of its restaurants.  Aparantly Chuck E Cheese is still deciding what they’re going to do.  In any case, we have to be constantly on our toes to make sure our staffs conduct themselves professionally or we could be in big trouble.

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