A Win/Win for Buy Local

bunnAround here we’re pretty much coffee fanatics.  At least my bride is.  The doctor took me off caffeine a couple of years ago so I guess I’m a faux-coffee fanatic.  Anyway, recently our faithful Bunn started leaking water.  Not a lot of water, but enough to be a pain in the neck.  There’s nothing worse than dropping the mail on the counter and watching the water-soaked envelopes floating away.

So, my wife began a quest for a replacement.  There was no debate that it had to be another Bunn.  Our old faithful machine had lasted for many years.  Besides, it’s American-made.    The problem was the color.  She wanted white but most stores carry it only in black.

Today she purchased her brand-new, American-made caffeine dispenser from Handyman Hardware, a True Value located just a block from our house and most definitely a locally-owned business.  And the price?  Right in line with the chains advertised prices.

It’s just another example that local doesn’t mean “high priced” and in fact local can mean better selection, often the difference between what you really want and what you have to settle for.

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