Weird Managers

weird_ma2Having left the corporate world behind, I can safely say that “weird managers” is often an oxymoron.  But Anita Bruzzese wrote an excellent piece on her “On The JOb” blog this week about why managers should get weird.

What Anita is promoting is out-of-the-box thinking for managers and I couldn’t agree more.  Face it, times are tough right now and we could all use a little more fun in our lives.  If we can make that fun part of the job, everyone wins.

My favorite of her suggestions it the idea of “reverse mentoring“.  Of course older, more experienced employees can be a great help to their younger coworkers, but generation X and Y have a lot to offer as well, especially when it comes to technology.  Don’t let that knowledge go to waste.

At the risk of repeating myself (repeating myself) the current economic situation offers a wealth of opportunities to small businesses who agressively and creatively go after the business.

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