Small Business Television

sbtvHere’s a resource you might find useful.  It’s called Small Business Television, or sbtv.  The site features a daily set of news highlights related to small biz along with a library of short video programs covering everything from Wellness in the Workplace to the best businesss to start if you’re an outsized baby boomer.

I haven’t looked at everything yet, but I’ve bookmarked the site as a good reference tool.

A free membership to SmallBiz Central hooks you up to other members-only areas of the site.  I’ve joined myself and I’ll let you know how that works.

2 Responses

  1. I’ve been going to this site at least weekly for the past year. It’s a great resource that all small business owners should use. And yes the SmallBiz Central is great. It has some great blogs and podcasts.

    Prosperity to all,

  2. Bruce,

    Thanks for the comment and for reading MTS. We small biz owners need to stand together in the face of a difficult economy and larger competitors.

    Prosperity to you too,


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