Give Local Business a Gift

A letter to the editor ran today in the Richmond (British Columbia) News.  The letter outlines all the reasons why readers should shop for Christmas with local merchants.  I hope the fine folks who read the letter take it to heart.  There's nothing here that you and I don't already know, but it's nice to hear it and to be reminded just how great you really are.

The percentages vary by community, but not by that much.  You might want to print it out and post it in your store where customers can see it.  Better yet, you might write a similar letter to your own editor.  If you do, and if it gets published, please share it with us.


3 Responses

  1. Thanks for pointing out this article. I have always made it a priority to shop at local businesses because they were like me – working hard and going above and beyond to deliver a premium shopping experience to all their customers.

  2. I believe that everyone who reads this blog, dealers, Tacony employees, anyone who’s interested in small business should think long and hard before they shop at a big box or national chain.

    In spite of all the publicity given to the banks and the auto companies, small business is the real backbone of the economy. We can all do our part by spending our money with our friends and neighbors and not having it shipped out to Bentonville.

  3. Thanks for blogging this.


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