Is Your Google Profile Up-to-Date?

Thanks to Chris Brogan for pointing out a Google feature that I wasn't aware of, my Google profile.  It's a place where Google stores your information, including your business details and contact info.  We all have one.  It's just a question of whether you've completed it or not.

But here's the cool part.  You know you can search for local businesses using Google.  You may also know that you can write reviews of those businesses.  What you may not know is that if you have your Google profile complete with your own business details, people can see it when they read a review you've placed on another business' listening.

Here's an example.  I just reviewed a local restaurant.  It happens to be a place I really like so it's a good review.  When you hover the mouse pointer over my name, you see a thumbnail of my Google profile and can click through to the whole thing.  Basically it's free advertising for your business when someone checks out another business.  And you can't beat free.

Check it out.  You can see your Google profile here.  Make sure it's up to date.  Then start reviewing.


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