The Top 10 Reasons Why Working Longer Hours is a Good Thing

Anita Bruzzese is a published author, blogger, and all-around great lady who writes the 45 Things blog.  (Check this out!)  Last week she pointed out that with the number of people being laid off, there's a lot more work for the rest of us.  As the holidays approach, if you've cut back on hiring, chances are you're picking up a lot of the slack yourself.  Here's Anita's list of the top 10 good things about working all those extra hours.  Some may not apply directly to your situation, but most of them are probably right on.

1. Your mom feels so bad for you she's started doing your laundry.

2. Your neighbors are dropping off meals at your house, thinking you died. (The tuna casserole was excellent.)

3. The dog has quit shredding the drapes. It's no fun when you're not around to yell about it.

4. The overnight security guard at work has been letting you in on some really good deals. It's amazing the stuff that falls off the back of a truck!

5. You won $5 from the cleaning lady who said no way would a sleeping bag fit under the desk. Way!

6. No standing in line for coffee at Starbucks. You're first in line when the doors open.

7. Living in the same suit for five days straight has really cut down on your dry cleaning bill.

For Halloween, you didn't have to buy a costume. You went as one of the
"undead" and won first prize in the scariest costume category.

9. Your stalker finally gave up and went away, saying your schedule was just too exhausting.

10. You don't have far to go for your weekly groceries — the vending machine is just down the hall!

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