Do You Have an Hour to Spend on Your Business?

Here's some good, practical advice from Becky McRae at the Small Biz Survival blog.  She points out that there are more resources for you to improve your business than ever before.  Most of them are either free or cheap and you can take advantage of them without ever leaving your computer.  Why do so many of these resources go unused?  McRae cites a lack of time, focus, and attention.

Her suggested solution, set aside an amount of time each week, no less than an hour, to find these resources, study them, and put good practices into action.  She writes:

"At first, you assignment is:

  • Figure out what areas need improvement.
  • Set goals.
  • Decide how you can measure progress.
  • Find people who can help.

Once you are going, and have made the habit, focus on:

  • Review your performance for the past week. How did you do? What can you improve? How are you progressing toward goals? Check your measurements.
  • Learn about one of your improvement areas. Read blogs, read ebooks; read, read, read!
  • Check in with one of your mentors."

Simple but difficult, but if you're going to grow your business (or just stay even in this difficult time) it's a necessary step.  As we often say at MYOB, you have to work on your business, not just in your business.

Have a great weekend!

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