Christmas Has Not Been Cancelled!

It's always important, especially in tough times, to surround yourself with positive people.  One of the most positive people I know is Bob Negen of Whiz Bang Training.  He's put together a short video, just six and a half minutes long, called "They Haven't Canceled Christmas."  As you might guess from the title, the video is all about how you can make this a successful selling season.

Be aware that he's going to ask you a tough question:  "Are you a blamer, a hoper, or a doer?"  You'll have to watch the video to see what the question means, but I think you can probably guess.  Anyway, it's a good, positive video from a guy who's experienced retailing first hand, in the trenches, in good times and bad. He knows what he's talking about.

Oh, by the way, not to leave you hanging, Bob has also recorded a follow up video cleverly titled "They Haven't Canceled Christmas–Part 2".  Check it out by clicking the link.

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