Yet Another twitter Post

I promise this will be the last post on twitter for a while, but I came across a short e-book on the subject that you should check out.  It's called "" by Luke Razzell. 

I like the analogy that twitter is "the railroad tracks…of the 21st century."  Very appropriate for a tool that is used to bring people together.  The ebook is a short ten pages and is very well done.  Read it on-screen because it contains a lot of links.

Luke points out that twitter's 140 character limitation makes tweeting very much like normal human conversation.  Unlike "normal" conversation, the limit is hard and fast making it necessary to actually think about what you're saying before you hit the "post" button.  You're forced to use words economically (or abbreviate creatively).  Type 141 characters and the last one is dropped.

Take a look at "".  It's a good use of a small amount of your time.

[Thanks to Lee Hopkins for pointing this out.  Speaking of Lee, don't forget that you have until 10/31 to take advantage of his 1/2 price sale.]

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