Now’s the Time to Invest in Your Brand

Amber Naslund is a principal of Altitude, a social media and marketing consultancy.  She offers an interesting take on the current economy on the Altitude blog.  She writes that rather than panic if business is a little soft, we should be using this time to build up the value of our brand. 

Some of Amber's suggestions:

Use this time to learn more about your business.  Are there unmet needs that your business can fill? 

Find out what's being said about you online.  Set up Google alerts.  If you have a web site, keep tabs on traffic with Google Analytics.

Refocus.  Who are you?  How is your business positioned?

"Take the Social Media plunge."  See, I'm not the only one who thinks you should.  Check the tag cloud on the left under "Social Media" for past posts on the subject.

Be "a source of positive energy to those around you……Invest in the people who have invested in you."

In my humble opinion you have two goals in this strange, unprecedented economic climate.  One is to focus on the short term, getting as much business as you can.  The second is to position yourself to take advantage of the recovery, which will come.

One Response

  1. Mike,
    Thanks so much! I think it’s so important that we don’t adopt a band-aid on the damn philosophy, trying to patch every leak as it springs up. Rather, value in business is built over time and through relationships, and in a down economy, trust and humanity are worth more than ever before.

    Thanks again for your shout out. 🙂


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