Obama & McCain in Their Cups

Happy Monday!

You've probably already heard about this, but you may not have thought about how to apply it to your business.  From Andy Sernovitz's Damn! I Wish I'd Have Thought of That! website!  (I wish I'd have thought of that name!) comes the story of 7-11's "7-Election '08".  Here's the idea.  When you buy your 7-11 coffee, you choose either an blue Obama cup or a red McCain cup.  I guess Barr and Nader fans don't drink coffee. 

Your cup choice is sure to generate conversation and every conversation benefits the 7-11 brand.  If you're curious about the highly-unscientific results, you can check them out at the 7-Election web site. 

Andy concludes his post:

"Ask yourself this question:  What can I do that guarantees that
everyone who walks out of my door will talk about me to the next person
they see?

Something to think about on a Monday morning.  Have a great week!

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