A Tale of Two Sales again

Hi_shirt_dog This post originally ran on October 17, 2007.  It’s still a great story.

Here’s a great story of two salespeople from the Retail Contrarian blog by Doug Fleener.  It seems he went looking for a Hawaiian shirt at a Tommy Bahama store.  (Somebody please tell Mrs. B that I’m not the only person who still wears them.)  Anyway, the salesperson at TB did a good job and Doug bought the shirt.

Passing through the men’s department at a nearby Nordstrom’s after using the restroom, he was approached by a sales associate who noticed the Tommy Bahama bag he was carrying.  To make a long story short, he ended up buying another TB Hawaiian shirt at Nordstrom’s.  This associate didn’t make a sale, she created a sale.  Big difference!

It’s not a surprise when Nordstrom’s sales people give excellent service.  They’ve been a role model for outstanding service for years.  But they don’t have an exclusive.  Any retailer can follow their example.  In fact, they’re not bashful about sharing what they do and how they do it.  The book "The Nordstrom Way" was first published in 1995.  A Google search of nordstrom and service returns over 2,000,000 hits.

Good service nearly always results in a sale when the customer has the intention of buying.  Excellent service will often create a sale where there was no intention to buy.  Click here to read the entire post.  I suggest you print it out and post it on your store’s bulletin board, or better yet, use it as the basis for your next sales meeting. 

You might also want to subscribe to the Retail Contrarian blog. I’ve also added a link on our blogroll.  It’s one of the very few blogs aimed specifically aimed at retailers.  You’re reading the only other one that I know of.  If you know of others, please let us know so we can pass them along.

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