One Reason Why Tacony Corporation Makes the World’s Best Vacuums

As you know, Tacony Corporation makes the best vacuum cleaners in the world right here in the Missouri Ozarks in St. James.  What you may not know is that stage 5 of the Tour of Missouri begins today in St. James. The Tour of Missouri is like the Tour de France, only with lots of trees instead of castles.  And, it’s quite a bit shorter. The riders will travel 100 hilly miles to Jefferson City, the state’s capital, most likely in a driving rain.  (Never depend on Missouri weather.)

What’s bicycle racing have to do with making vacuums?  Nothing really.  But the city of St. James, like all host cities, has put together a promotional video.  It’s a nice presentation that gives you a feel for the area and I thought you might like to see it.  Just click on the picture below.  [Note: I have made a minor adjustment to the city’s logo.  I hope they don’t mind.]  I think you’ll agree that it would be hard to live in a place like St. James and not have the traditional American, small town work ethic.  Our people work hard and when they’re done, they have a great place to spend their free time. 

I might point out that His Honor the Mayor doesn’t mention Tacony, one of the region’s largest employers, but St. James Winery is right across the highway from us.  If you’re ever in the neighborhood, it’s a great place to visit. 


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