Happy Birthday, Ken Tacony


Question: How do you surprise a CEO who’s as involved in the everyday operation of the company as Ken Tacony?

Answer:  It ain’t easy.

But this morning the associates at the Tacony Corporation Corporate Centre in Fenton pulled it off.  Expecting to conduct an associate meeting in the showroom, Ken was greeted by dozens of us dressed in white tee shirts with the inscription "We Heart Ken".  Judging by his expression, he really was surprised.


Company president Bill Hinderer spoke for the group praising Ken for his dedication to the industries we serve, our customers, and our associates.  He cited the company mission statement which you see at the left, especially the part that says we "Strive to build long-lasting relationships that are based on trust and feel like family."

To commemorate the occasion, Ken was presented with a picture frame which will hang in our board room surrounding a portrait of Ken.  It will hang beside the portrait of his father, Nick Tacony, who founded the company in 1946.  Associates are also being encouraged to make contributions to the American Heart Association which will be presented in Ken’s name.


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