Chris Brogan on Personal Branding

Continuing our discussion on how to build your business using the Internet, I want to point you to a free ebook by Chris Brogan called "Personal Branding for the Business Professional."  I thought it would be a good idea to mention it today because there are so many parallels between "personal branding" and "small business branding."  In fact, I would suggest that they’re one and the same. 

Face it, in the eyes of your customers, you ARE your business.  If you’re a great guy (or gal), a straight-shooter, a good family person, a pillar of the community, chances are pretty good that your business reflect those traits.  If you’re a jerk, then your business probably isn’t all that customer friendly.  Since I know that all of our readers fall into the first category, let’s go with that.

You’re a great person and you run a great business.  How do you get the word out?  We’ve been discussing that very topic for the last few days and hopefully you’ve gotten some good ideas.  But Chris offers some different thoughts on the subject and even presents a few web tools that I wasn’t familiar with.   

One thing that Chris goes into that deserves some attention is self esteem.  If you’re going to build a personal brand, you’re going to have to talk about yourself. Hopefully you’re not an ego-maniac, but it’s just as bad to hide your light under a bushel basket.  I found the ebook as a result of Chris’ own post on twitter.  Most of us are very good at seeing our own faults but not so good at recognizing our strengths.  Brogan recommends a book that helped him and there are many other good ones on the topic.  Nobody likes a self-centered blow hard, but you need self-confidence to build your brand.

A complement to self-esteem is passion.  People will naturally gravitate to you if you have a passion for helping others.  Of course that means having a passion for the business that you’re in.  Not only will passion make you better at what you do, it will also draw people to you like a moth to a flame.

I hate the term "guru" and as rapidly as the social media changes, it’s hard to call someone an "expert".  But Chris Brogan is one of those people whose opinion is highly valued by others in the world of social media.  This free ebook is well worth your time.  Of course, following his own advice, offering this valuable content for free is a way for Chris to build his own brand and generate some positive word-of-mouth at the same time. 

How can you use your own expertise to offer valuable content to potential customers and build your  brand?


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  1. Great point that self esteem isn’t the same as tooting your own horn. The differences are immense.

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