Blog Day 2008

No, it’s not a new holiday.  It’s not a chance to get a day of from work.  Blog Day 2008 is the title of a post on Jay Ehret’s small business marketing blog, The Marketing Spot.  He writes:   

"One of my goals is to introduce to you five blogs which may be flying
under your radar. In other words "undiscovered" blogs. That’s difficult
to do. For this list, I only considered marketing & business blogs.
As a result this list is absent of blogs I read to improve my writing a
presenting skills. So here are five of my favorites, hopefully you will
find a couple new ones to add to your reading list."

MYOB is one of the five highlighted blogs.  I know I promised to go into email newsletters today, but I decided to put that off until tomorrow for two reasons.  (1) I love it when MYOB makes it on a list like Jay’s.  Doesn’t everybody enjoy having their work recognized?  And (2), this fits nicely into our discussion of social media.

MYOB can legitimately be called "Undiscovered" or said to be "flying under the radar".  That’s intentional.  We’re a corporate blog intended primarily for customers of Tacony Corporation.  It’s not a "private" blog.  Anyone and everyone are welcome, we just don’t do anything to promote our existence.  So how do people find us?

That’s the "social" part of social media. Some readers find us using search engines.  If you search Technorati, the blog search engine, for "’small business’ retailing", MYOB comes up #3 and #4.  We show up at various places on other search engines depending on the combination of terms that you use.

We’ve been fortunate enough to be mentioned on other people’s blogs, mostly because the authors and I have made contact through social sites like Facebook, Friendfeed, and twitter.  Because of the way I have them set up, all three sites post links to MYOB every time a new post goes up. 

Of course other bloggers have automatic searches set up that alert them when they’re mentioned on the web.  When we mention another blog, we usually get a response from them.  It’s this "I’ll wash your back if you wash mine" mentality among bloggers that really makes good content go viral.  If you don’t have at least a Google News alert set up to notify you about news that could affect you or your business, you should do it now.  A simple alert on your business name, your own name, the names of the brands you carry, and the names of competitive brands will give you an email notification when one of the terms comes up online somewhere. 

As Joseph Jaffe points out , the conversation’s going on.  It’s up to you whether you want to get involved or if you just want to let people talk about you. [Notice that by mentioning Joe, there’s a possibility that he’ll respond.  I’ll let you know if we get a mention in return.]

All of the tools that we’ve discussed and will discuss in this series have more power than you can imagine.  As I mentioned the other day, our little blog has readers all over the world.  Of course, the question then becomes, "So what?"  Is Tacony Corporation going to sell a sewing machine to someone in India or a vacuum to someone in New Zealand?    The short answer is "maybe".  But the real value of an online presence, for Tacony Corporation or for you is that you gain recognition for your business as a "thought leader".  Your customers can’t help but be impressed at your "clippings" of blog posts you’ve written or the responses you receive.  Of course you would want to print them out and post them for everyone to see.

Even if you’re "flying under the radar" people are going to find you and your business will grow because of it.  By the way, be sure you check the other four blogs that Jay highlights:

The Brand Box by Amber Naslund

Wilma’s Wine World by Kim Stare Wallace

Direct Creative Blog by Dean Rieck

Branding Strategy Insider by several authors

Tomorrow (for sure) Email Newsletters.


2 Responses

  1. Mike,
    Thanks for continuing the conversation on MYOB. I’m not sure exactly how I came across your blog. I know we follow each other on Twitter. I can’t remember which came first, Twitter or the blog.

    Thanks for creating great content and making your blog educational and worth reading.

  2. Jay,

    Your comment underscores the strength of social media. If you use it correctly, you literally get so much good information that you often can’t remember how you got there.

    What are the odds of you, in Texas, and me, in Missouri, having this (or any) conversation without web 2.0? I’m trying my hardest to convince small business owners of the power of these tools. “Small” business isn’t small at all when owners work together.

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