Something New on the Blog

We’re always looking for ways to make MYOB more useful and convenient for you.  That’s why we’re currently experimenting with a new tool called Apture.  You might say Apture is linking on steroids.  Where you normally see a link on a web page as different colored (usually blue) underlined text, Apture takes it a step further. 

Apture lets us link to wikipedia definitions, pictures, videos, sound files, and a bunch of other things.  For example, suppose we mention a city like St. Louis.  If you click on the link you’ll be taken to an image of the Gateway Arch.  Or maybe we’ll take you to a song about the city.  We could even use Aptura to link to a video on You Tube.

Or, maybe there’s a post about sewing machines, we could link to a how-to video, or a picture of the latest Baby Lock machine.  The possibilities seem to be endless.

We’ll be experimenting with Apture for a while to see if it really does add value to the blog.  In fact, we’ve added some Apture links to some recent posts.  Check it out and let us know if you like it.

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