A Great Idea

I’ve mentioned it before, but if you’re not subscribing to Doug Fleener’s Daily Retail Experience newsletter, you’re missing out on some great ideas for improving your business.  For example, in today’s issue he offers the following suggestion for generating some free PR. 

He writes, "Everybody has back-to-school sales but how many retailers throw a back-to-school party for mothers?"

The idea is to throw a party for moms a few days after school starts.  We all love our kids, but after an extended summer vacation, even the most adoring mother can use a little R & R.  Include the "three f’s", food, free stuff, and fun.  If you can get some of your retail buddies to cross-promote, donating products and services for give-aways in exchange for a share or the free publicity, that’s even better.

 Then, contact your local news media.   Doug writes, "I think this is exactly the kind of
story they would like to run as part of their back-to-school stories.  Be sure
and call your best customers and invite them to the party. You might as well
make some sales during this PR stunt."

Not only is this a great idea for August/September sales, but the same thing would work after Christmas and after spring break.  You don’t have a lot of time to put this together, but I think the effort would be worth it.

Did I mention that you should subscribe to Doug’s newsletter.  Subscribe here. The weekly version is free.  There’s a very reasonable charge for the daily one.


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