Internet Survey

A couple of comments I’ve heard (or read) recently have me wondering.  One comment was that it’s difficult to get younger shoppers into small, independently owned retail shops.  Is this true?  I don’t know.

The other comment, and it’s pretty much an accepted fact, is that older people don’t use the Internet as much as younger people, or at least not in the same way.  For example, Facebook, the popular social media site has roughly 29 million members in the United States.  Just 990,000, or 3.4% of them are Baby Boomers (age 44-62).  Generation X (age 28-43) accounts for 18% of Facebook users and a whopping 78.0% of Facebook users belong to Generation Y (age 27 and under).  A meager 206,000, or less than 1.0% of all Facebookers are 63 and above. 

In contrast, the total US population breaks down this way:


Generation Y  41.2%

Generation X   20.4%

Boomers         25.7%

65+                 12.7%

So the two youngest demographic groups, Xs and Ys, 62% of the population, account for 96% of the users of Facebook.   

Obviously, if you’re looking to reach the two younger demographic groups, Generations X and Y (everyone age 43 and younger), you’re going to find them on the web.  If that’s where they are, isn’t that where you should be? 

To lay the groundwork for future posts on MYOB, weI’ve put together a very short survey.  We’d like to know how you’re using the Internet.  Obviously you read blogs, or at least this blog.  What other Web 2.0 tools are you using?  Are you blogging or podcasting yourself?  We’d like to know. Your answers will help us decide what topics to address here in future posts.   

People taking surveys always say that they won’t take much of your time, but this one really won’t.  There are only about 25 questions and most of them just require you to click a button.  Simple, huh?  It shouldn’t take you more than 3-5 minutes to complete and we’d be very grateful for your participation.

Click here to take the survey.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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