F-R-E-E Doesn’t Always Spell Free

Surely you’ve seen him on television, dressed in his pirate costume, or driving his junker compact car.  No doubt you’ve heard him constantly on the radio sadly singing about how he should have gone to freecreditreport.com, but he was too "lay-zee."  According to a story at the New York Times.com, you should have heard and seen the commercials many times.  Experian, the parent of freecreditreports spent $70.7 million dollars on national advertising last year.

That’s a lot of money to spend promoting something that’s "free".  But as the Times story points out, freecreditreports is anything but.  "Consumer groups have long objected to sites like FreeCreditReport.com.
Consumers may obtain a free credit report each year from the three
major agencies, as mandated by an act that Congress passed in 2003. The
only authorized site for that is AnnualCreditReport.com. "

So don’t be fooled by the cute little guy in the pirate suit.  He’s just an actor.  It’s the people he works for that are the pirates.

One Response

  1. When you sign up with them there is a good side, I get a monthly report that will tell me if there is any changes in my credit score and in todays world that is very important to know.

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