I suppose that if anyone has a right to feel down in the current economy, it would be real estate agents.  But Chris Johnson, writing at the Bloodhound blog is taking a positive approach.  He lists five positive things that his fellow agents can do to survive the current downturn in the business.  If his tips will work for real estate agents, there’s no reason why they won’t work for you.

  1. Ruthlessly Control Your Personal Spending.  Now may not be the best time to buy that new BMW.  According to Chris, in the real estate business $100 saved is $150 earned.  You know your own situation and the numbers are probably different.  But the logic is sound for any business person.
  2. Control Your Environment.  Simply stated, clean up your work space.  You’ll feel better and it will be easier for you to work. 
  3. Lead Generation = 35% of your time, minimum. Finding new prospects isn’t just a concern of real estate people.  You know what your closing ratio is.  Getting more people through your doors should be your number one priority.
  4. Have Your Head in the Game and not in Your……..  Act successful and you’ll be successful.  Turn off the talk shows and turn on some uptempo music.  As Chris says, "Just walk away from idiots and zealots.  Don’t focus on the [bs], focus on the opportunity.
  5. Define and Seek Peak Experiences. This is an interesting one.  Make a list of cool things you’d like to do and do them.  They don’t have to be expensive, just fulfilling.  Chris says, "Figure out what your happy memories are and go make more."

Let your competitors wallow in self-pity.  Let them whine and complain about how tough things are.  Just don’t join them.  At its worst, our US economy provides more opportunities to make money than many country’s economies at their best.  Like Nike says, "Just do it!"

If you follow the link to the original post, be sure to read the comments.  (Some blogs have lots of comments. (hint, hint))  There are some good observations there.

Also, thanks to Matt McGee for the heads up on Chris’ article.

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