Credit Where Credit is Due

We often post here about poor customer service.  Heck, it’s so easy.  It’s a subject that could support the blog all by itself.  But in all fairness, it doesn’t hurt to point out some good service once-in-a-while.

For some strange reason, my brand-new HP printer recently decided to go into Mr. McGoo mode, printing everything in twice its normal size.  On the one hand, that might be good for my middle-aged eyes, but it’s not very efficient, paper-wise.

So I went through the multi-lingual owner’s manual, but couldn’t find an answer in French, Spanish, or English.  Next stop, HP’s web site.  That was no help either.  Finally I clicked the "email us" link on their site, expecting I might get an answer before the end of the month if I was lucky. 

Within five minutes I got the usual "Thanks for contacting us…." automated message promising that someone would be in touch.  Right! But lo and behold, I got an email from an actual human being in just another five minutes.  I followed his instructions with no results and emailed him back.  In just a couple of minutes I received another email telling me that the problem wasn’t with HP, but with my Firefox browser.

"Sure, pass the buck," I thought.  But when I checked the printer settings in Firefox, they had been changed to 200%.  One click and the problem was solved.

While I’m not normally a fan of automated customer service schemes, I have to hand it to HP.  This time they got the job done.

Since most well-run corporations scan the web daily to see who’s mentioning them, there’s a good chance someone from HP will read this.  So let me say, nice job, HP.  Keep up the good work.

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